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    Propel Program

    • I am a current high school student wishing to enroll in an undergraduate college course online, while I am still in high school. 
    • Please apply through this link, instead of the login below. 

    Traditional Undergraduate

    • First Year (Freshman) - I am about to graduate high school or I have not attended any college after high school graduation (This includes students who completed Dual Enrollment courses).
    • Transfer -  I completed more than 12 credits in a college or university after high school graduation.

    Master's or Doctoral Programs

    • Master's and Doctoral Degrees-  I have already earned a bachelor's degree and am looking to begin a graduate or professional degree. 

    Online Programs

    • Online Degrees - I am looking to start or finish my undergraduate degree through online courses.


    • Readmission - I am a former student who has not enrolled at PBA in at least two semesters. I have not graduated or earned a degree from another college or university since leaving PBA. I desire to return to PBA in the same division (undergraduate, graduate, professional) in which I was previously enrolled.

    Certificate Programs

    • Certificate Programs - I am applying to a certificate program, either for professional reasons or personal growth. Some examples of certificate programs are the Cultural Apologetics Certificate, the Graduate Certificate in Transformational Leadership, our Psychiatric Mental Health - Nurse Practitioner Certificate or the Crisis and Trauma Counseling Certificate.

    Non-Degree Seeking

    • Non-Degree Seeking - I am not seeking a degree. I am looking to take a few classes for my personal development. These courses may count for: Continuing Education credit or no credit at all.

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