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Campus Tour and Visit

Palm Beach Atlantic University hosts opportunities for prospective students to experience campus every week of the year!  From open houses to campus tours, there is a way for you to explore and discover PBA.

Customized campus tours and visits are scheduled daily.  You can experience Chapel, go on a campus tour, even participate in a class of your choice.

Open House and Preview Day are each held once a semester. This fall you'll find Preview Day on October 16 and overnight Open House on November 9-10.

Specialty Days are fully immersive days that are tailored to students interested in specific schools and majors. Some specialty days are by invitation only, but on this calendar you'll find the following open Specialty Days scheduled for fall 2017 and spring 2018:

       Fall 2017 Specialty Days 
  • Communication and Media Day, Oct 23, 2017
  • Christian Schools' Day, Oct 27, 2017
  • Transfer Day, Nov 3, 2017
      Spring 2018 Specialty Days
  • Homeschool Day, Jan 18, 2018
  • Pre-Health Day, Jan 24, 2018
  • Business Competition, Jan 26, 2018
  • Junior Day, Apr 20, 2018
  • Transfer Day, Jun 22, 2018
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