PBA College of the Arts

    PBA College of the Arts

    We are thrilled that you have decided to apply for a major within Palm Beach Atlantic's College of the Arts! To apply for a program in the College of the Arts, you'll need to complete a Supplemental Application through the Acceptd platform. This will allow us to review your application for your intended major/program. Your general PBA application will be reviewed for admission to the University and this supplemental application will be used to be considered for your intended major.

    Supplemental Application Process through Acceptd Platform

    1.      Go to PBA’s College of the Arts page on the Acceptd platform – https://pba.getacceptd.com

    2.      If you already have an account on Acceptd, skip to step 3. If you do not have an account on Acceptd, create one by clicking Sign Up in the upper right corner. Select the account type and then follow the instructions provided.

    3.      Start your supplemental application to PBA’s College of the Arts by using the Start an Application section on the left side of the landing page and following the instructions below.

    a.      Using the drop down arrow in the Select Discipline field, select your desired discipline (options include Theatre, Music, Dance, Visual Arts, Cinematic Arts)

    b.      Then click the drop down button in the Select Program field to select your desired program within your selected discipline.*

    4.      Once you select your desired program, new information will appear directly to the right of the Start an Application field. Please carefully read the guidelines and requirements for the selected program to ensure you submit all of the required materials for your desired program.

    5.      Once you have carefully read the guidelines for your program, click the green button Apply to _____   in the Start an Application section to begin your College of the Arts application.

    * Please note that there is a fee, ranging from $15 - $45 to apply for the program. This fee is required by Acceptd and goes directly to them.